Flagship measure: Learning and understanding protective forests

The integrated treatment and tending of protective forests requires interdisciplinary knowledge as well as a high degree of specialisation. Sufficient specialised staff should be available in all regions. Targeted training safeguards local jobs in particular in agricultural and forestry services and creates local value.

The mile­stones and their im­ple­men­ta­tion year (in paren­the­ses) in this flagship measure:

Forestry & hunting education programme in the regions with protective forest focal points is available (2021)

Special courses and further training programmes are to be offered at the Protective Forest Hub in Traunkirchen. Appropriate concepts and contents for practical training will be developed and coordinated in cooperation with the Federal Forest Research Centre (BFW), provincial hunting associations, hunters and forestry services. The target group includes foresters, protective forest advisors and hunters.

Training and further education focus on protective forests is introduced at the forestry training institutions (2022)

Development of an education and training focus on the topic of protective forests at forestry training centres for forestry and hunting personnel and hunters. In order to promote the export of knowledge and technology in protective forest management, the Protective Forest Hub is to be established as an international training centre for protective forests. Furthermore, the protective forest topic is to be taught at the forester school in Bruck an der Mur in the course of training to become a forester. The contents and common definitions will be developed with the stakeholders. In autumn 2022 this specific training and further education is to be offered at the forestry training institutions. 

Postgraduate course "Protective Forest Management" has started at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (2023)

The postgraduate course "Protective Forest Management" is planned at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna. The master's degree is to cover all protective forest knowledge. The objectives and contents of the course will be discussed and defined with the relevant stakeholders. After intensive goal-oriented application of the "Protective Forest Master" it is planned to start in September 2023.