Flagship measure: Planning and developing protective forests

Publicly accessible information on protective forests in Austria enables the planning of effective measures. Spatial geo-information allows risk-related assessment and thus prioritization of investments. Planning is continuously adapted to natural and social changes and measures are further developed.

The milestones and their implementation year (in parentheses) in this flagship measure:

Geodata about the location of object-protective forests is available in a standardized form as a protective forest map (2020)

Within the framework of this milestone already existing geodata and backdrops such as Dakumo and Gravimod were aligned and harmonized nationwide. Common definitions and criteria for the designation of protective forests are being developed by the provinces and the Forest Service of Torrent and Avalanche Control. This will result in a digital protective forest map of potential site and object protective forests that will be incorporated into geodata portals. An initial map is published on www.protective-forest.at.

The measures in the object protective forests are defined according to the respective
needs and ranked within the framework of a priority planning of the Federal Government (2022)

Based on the digital map of potential protective forests in Austria criteria for priority setting are defined. In dialogue with regional stakeholders the need for action is determined. For Austria the investment programme for the protective forest is then drawn up or adapted.

Protective forest concepts of the Federal Provinces exist for the entire federal territory and protective forest management plans have been designed and approved for five high-risk areas (2023)

Based on the nationwide standardized protective forest map and the prioritized areas state protective forest concepts are developed. The responsible stakeholders such as the provincial forestry directorates and the Forest Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control define a plan of measures to ensure a climate-adapted, stable and future-proof protective forest.