The WALDATLAS - the geodata platform for the forest in austria

The geodata platform WALDATLAS is the first interactive map collection for nationwide, quality-assured and free spatial representations in the forest. In this user-friendly map service, geodata on natural hazards and on protective forests (information protective forest cover in austria) can be accessed, among other things.

Geodata on forests, natural hazards and biodiversity

Geographic information systems (GIS) and portal systems are nowadays priority instruments for the control and provision of spatial data. As part of the federal government's digitization offensive, the urgent need for an integrated, uniform and central Austrian forest geodata platform was recognised. With WALDATLAS, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management (BML), is creating a nationwide access point to free geodata for the topics of forests, natural hazards and biodiversity.

Get to know the forest digitally

In addition to PCs and notebooks, the application can also be used on mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) in the field. This means that the WALDATLAS can be used anywhere. The only requirement is internet reception. In addition to a map collection, the WALDATLAS also contains a large number of user-friendly functionalities. For example, users have at their disposal tools for measuring and drawing, importing and exporting lines, areas and points, and a print module. Metadata can also be retrieved from all basic and specialised maps.

Furthermore, by setting a coordinate point, it is possible to retrieve all maps via the geodata catalogue. The location is retained when another map is selected.

Added value of the map service and outlook

The WALDATLAS complements existing GIS systems at supraregional level. The digital benefit consists of general spatial information but also in the operational area as a basis for planning in practice.

The interactive map collection offers digital and central geodata access primarily for the target groups of forest owners, forest enterprises, civil engineering offices, authorities, research/science, recreational use in the forest and the interested public.

Currently, about 40 specialised maps are offered. These are supported with base maps (topographic maps, orthophoto, geology, Open Street Map, cadastre) as background information. The aim is to provide quick and transparent access via a geodata catalogue.

The geodata presented are exclusively quality-controlled and trustworthy data originating from the public administration (especially BML) and from cooperation partners. Numerous data sets were implemented from Open Data interfaces or from the European Spatial Data Infrastructure (INSPIRE). Updates and upgrades are carried out by the BML at regular intervals. In the future, the service-oriented geodata platform will be further developed with expansion stages.

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