New map service: interactive map collection on the topic of protective forests

As part of the BML digitisation offensive, a new map service will provide a comprehensive overview of free geodata on the topic of protective forests.

This modern map tool is intended to raise the public profile of spatial information and knowledge management for the services of green (protective-)infrastructure.

Discover the protective forest digitally

Where are the protective forests located in Austria? For which municipalities in Austria is the protective forest a central issue? How can I get a digital overview of numerous other geodata topics related to protective forests?

In order to be able to answer these and other questions in a well-founded manner, various map visualisations of the Austrian protective forest are available. 

The service-oriented and free map service supports you with the networked presentation of nationwide protective forest geodata.

More digital information on protective forests

With the WALDATLAS geodata portal launched by the BML in August 2023, interactive maps on the topic of protective forests and natural hazards can now also be displayed at The main map offered is the "Protective forest cover map in Austria".

In addition, numerous map details on the topics of protective forests and natural hazards can be overlaid (button: map details). In addition to the topic of protective forests and windbreaks, the hazard zone plan of the torrent and avalanche control organisation or active land management projects in the forest with a property protective function can also be called up.

The maps are updated regularly. Detailed information can be found in the metadata. A newly developed PDF map export and a location query (retrieval of special attributes, PDF report) are integrated into the display service and are intended to provide compact digital information for practical use. All functionalities are user-friendly and can be used individually.

With the support of PCs and notebooks, the map window can also be opened in a full view. The application can also be used on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) in the field. The only requirement is internet reception.

The establishment of the map visualisation service provides the interested public with a comprehensive overview of free geodata on the topic of protective forests. This geodata milestone is an important step towards a better understanding of the ecosystem services provided by forests, and protective forests in particular.

Further information and access to the protective forest map service