Informative signboards about protective forests in Hallstatt

As part of the local project "Bannwald Hallstatt" of the Torrent and Avalanche Control, with the aim of improving and sustainably securing the protective effect of the protective forest above the village, four educational signboards at easily walkable locations in the middle of the village are drawing attention to the important protective function of the forest.

Project to increase safety against natural hazards

The project of the Torrent and Avalanche Control has the main task to protect the permanent settlement area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt including the existing cultural and economic facilities of the market community as well as the existing infrastructure facilities such as power supply and data lines or water supply and wastewater disposal facilities against rockfall, avalanches, floods and mudflows. In addition, the focus of the project will be on the important roads leading to the village, as well as parts of the Salinen Austria AG plant premises (brine pipeline) and the main power supply network of OÖ Netz GmbH.

Due to recent natural events such as the forest fire in the „Echernwand“ in 2018, flood damage in 2002 and 2013, storm damage and deforestation in 2010 and 2012, as well as damage resulting from the two avalanche winters in 2009 and 2019, it is necessary to restore or improve protection against natural hazards through a combination of forestry-biological and technical measures and, in particular, to increase the protective effect of the forest.

Information boards all about the protective function of the forest

As an important PR measure in the project, it is now possible to "dive" into the world of the protective forest at four locations and experience at first hand how the forest protects the municipality with all its people, houses and businesses from natural hazards. The constructions inspired by a tree trunk (idea design studio Kopfsache) take up a special theme on each location and thus draw attention to the important protective function of the forest - in German as well as in English especially for the international guests!

Beaver Berti, THE natural hazard expert for children and young adults, guides together with his friends through the different topics and shows in charming illustrations the different natural hazard processes, the protective effect of the forest or the variety of measures in the project "Bannwald Hallstatt".

Once entered the inner area of the construction made of local larch timber, the "window" allows an impressive view over the roofs of Hallstatt to the protective forest above. The forest fire area in the Echernwand can also be observed, the consequences of the fire event of 2018 can still be seen today!

Partners of the "Bannwald Hallstatt" information boards

Special thanks go to the financing partners of the project "Bannwald Hallstatt": Province of Upper Austria, Municipality of Hallstatt, Provincial Government of Upper Austria - Department of Road Construction and Transport - Department of New Road Construction and Maintenance, Österreich Bundesforste AG, Salinen Austria AG, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH and A1 - Telekom.

The boards are especially suitable for interested families and all friends of the protective forest. The display boards are especially suitable for interested families and all friends of the protection forest. This "knowledge journey" can be ideally combined with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt!