Planned projects

With the establishment of a Protective Forest Hub at the premises of the Austrian Forest Campus in Traunkirchen, a large number of different project is to be offered. The issue of protective forests is to be pushed in the framework of training programs, information as well as knowledge transfer.

The following is an overview of the planned project ideas:



Digital information offer about protective forests

Social media (”unserWald“ @Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Protective forest geoinformation

Protective forest press tour

Annual media event on the subject of protective forests, site visit, PC

Protective-forest consulting and training platform

Training opportunities (online)

Calendar of courses

Advisory services

Austrian protective forest research programme

Present knowledge about protective forests

Development of a research programme

Development of courses and practical training

  • Torrent supervisor, cleaning up torrents
  • Protective forest management
  • Civil engineering courses (Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB, Austrian Federal Army)
  • Technique in protective forests
  • Traditional construction methods
  • Hunting in protective forests
  • etc.

Own training offer

  • Training courses for own staff at the Forest Campus

International Summer School Protective Forest

Courses for engineers in natural hazard and protective forest management

ELLS PhD Summer School

Master-degree course "Management of Mountain Forests”

Holding of specific lectures - BOKU checks feasibility, teacher resources and logistics

Concepts for blended learning

Model protective forest

Teaching and model protective-forest area on ÖBf premises, project areas of the Service in Torrent and Avalanche Control (WLV)

Model catchment area

Rindbach (Ebensee) teaching and model catchment area, nature laboratory/training construction field, monitoring station

Project reforestation of destroyed protective forest areas on model sites

Set-up of a network and monitoring for reforestation areas after storm, forest fire, snow pressure at different sites, as part of area management projects, with partner enterprises, hunting concepts

Educational offers for children and young people (“Biber Berti”)

Offers in the planned meeting zone of the forest campus

Expert meetings / Expert dialogues on protective forests

  • Austrian protective forest platform
  • Protective forests in climate change
  • Protective forests and law
  • Protective forests and regional planning
  • Protective forests and tourism
  • Austrian dialogue on forest/game in protective forests
  • Protective forests and nature conservation

Centre of the Protection Forest Association

Headquarters and office

Network of protective forest municipalities in Austria

Forum of the mayors of Austria’s protective forest municipalities

Projects of the partners

Various projects, financed from third-party funds